Remembering Harvey Green

Geneseo Community Unit School District #228 mourns the loss of Harvey Green, who passed away earlier this week. A memorial visitation will be held on Saturday, May 27 from 2-5 p.m. at Vandemore Funeral Home in Geneseo.

Harvey made numerous contributions to our school district over the years. He taught at Geneseo High School for 35 years, helped produce children’s theater, contest play, group interpretation, musicals and plays, and served the voice of Geneseo sports, announcing football, basketball, track meets, and many other events.

"Harvey was a true professional," said former GHS principal and athletic director Travis Mackey. "He was always prepared and his voice rang out over the stadium. On the career connection website we ask the alumni, 'What do you remember about GHS?' We have over 1,000 alumni on the website and while many different teachers' names are mentioned, Harvey Green’s name is mentioned more than anyone else. He made a big impact on so many people."

"Whether it was for the musical, jazz show, staff meeting, all-unit concert, graduation ceremony or countless other events, Harvey was reliable, consistent and did what it took to make these events happen," recalled James Roodhouse, Director of Technology for the school district. "Harvey taught speech, ran numerous clubs and activities and dedicated countless hours to students and staff. He took pride in whatever he did and went out of his way to make sure pronunciations were correct and that the right athlete was credited and identified on the field. Harvey was an excellent educator, employee, father, friend and community member. He will be missed!"

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