Millikin Elementary unveils new playground

With staff, students and donors on hand, Millikin Elementary hosted an opening ceremony for its new playground area on Thursday evening.

According to Philip Moe, principal at Millikin, the planning and fundraising efforts for the project began in 2020. He described it as a team effort and credits the school district, Millikin’s Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) and local organizations for helping make it a reality.

“We’d especially like to thank Angela Krause and the Millikin PTA for taking the lead on this project, as well as Randy Bormann and his entire maintenance team for working through all the logistics with so much flexibility,” said Moe. “They both put a lot of hours into this project, and I feel like the finished product shows off their hard work.”

The upgraded area—now partially accessible with a platform, concrete ramp, items to climb and slides—features new equipment, a concrete border, kettle drums and other musical items, and a universal rubber surfacing.

PTA fundraisers and grants from local organizations—including major contributions from the Geneseo Foundation, Miller Foundation and Geneseo’s school district—helped cover the costs of the new playground.

“I had the opportunity to be involved with every stage of its creation,” said Angela Krause, who served as president of the Millikin PTA. “Some pushed the boundaries of my comfort zone, like writing grants and strangers asking for large sums of money. Others were fun, like letting students choose the final equipment color palate.

“But looking back,” Krause continued, “I can honestly say it was well worth the range of emotions to see this become a real life, fully functionable structure that all students can and will enjoy for years to come!”

Millikin Elementary unveils new playground

Millikin Elementary unveils new playground