Exploring the future of childcare and preschool in Geneseo

Geneseo Community Unit School District #228 is seeking feedback from its community regarding the future of childcare and preschool programming needs.

There is currently a gap between the number of children that are enrolled in such programs and the number of children that can be served. Therefore, there is a need in our community for additional childcare and preschool options.

Our school district values its partnership with existing preschools and daycares, and our hope is they continue to flourish and serve families as they have for generations.

The purpose of this survey is to collect feedback from the community on how our school district can best address the families with young children who desire childcare or preschool but have been unable to secure a spot.

Please complete the following 5-question survey and share it with those who you know, particularly if they have young children or may become parents in the coming years. The survey will close on Monday, September 11 at 4 p.m.

Your responses are greatly appreciated and they will help shape the future of Geneseo’s childcare and preschool programs.

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