GHS Senior Scholarship Winners

At this year's Local Scholarship Night on Wednesday, the community and families came together to celebrate and support our future leaders, with an unprecedented total of over $400,000 awarded to deserving Geneseo High School seniors.

This record-breaking investment not only reflects our collective commitment to education but also underscores the profound belief we have in the potential of our youth to shape a brighter tomorrow.

Congratulations to all on this achievement!

1.     4H Foundation Scholarship - Trenton Chamberlain & Abigail Frank

2.     Northside Elementary School Scholarship - Allyson Ford

3.     Northside Elementary PTA Scholarship - Paige Swain

4.     Chris Heath Memorial Scholarship - Hayden Spranger

5.     Geneseo Education Association Scholarship - Austin Hull & Taylor VanHoutte

6.     Christopher Pobanz Memorial Scholarship - Elizabeth Ramp & Joshua Steines

7.     Roger and Mary Miller Scholarship - Mia Kelly

8.     Devin Jennings Art Memorial Scholarship - Raelyn Bjorkman & Kathryn Hogue 

9.     Devin Jennings Band Memorial Scholarship - Allyson Ford

10.  Stewart Lodge #92 John Laue Memorial Scholarship - Kathryn Hogue & Corinne Mallum 

11.  Southwest PTA Scholarship - Emma DeBaene & Madeline Roberts

12.  Wirth Family Trust Scholarship - Lonnie Catour

13.  VFW Bob DeBoever Memorial Scholarship - Addison Dykstra

14.  Geneseo Art League and Gallery/Denison Memorial Scholarship - Kathryn Hogue

15.  Grow Your Own Teacher Program Scholarship - Austin Hull, Olivia Marshall, Carmella Pettit, Madison Thompson, & Taylor VanHoutte

16.  Geneseo Lions Club Paul “Doc” Yackley Memorial Scholarship - Paige Swain

17.  Geneseo Lions Club Joe Sherbyn Memorial Scholarship - Macy Litherland

18.  Laura Fulton Peterson Scholarship - Alyssa Gentry

19.  Arlyn W. Swiger Memorial Scholarship - Jacob Adamson

20.  Eldon F. and Olive R. Swiger Memorial Scholarship - Trenton Chamberlain & Kylie Maertens

21.  Brad Schoon Memorial Scholarship - Carmella Pettit

22.  Vivian & Maurice Kane Scholarship - Macy Litherland & Tristen Smith

23.  Ralph and Dorothy Graham Scholarship - Leah Roemer

24.  Lyle and Helen Henry Memorial Scholarship - Connor Mitchell & Grace Schilling

25.  Francis G. & Betty J. Miller Foundation Scholarship - Reagan Bopes, Lonnie Catour, Brielle Ettore, Anna Calabria, Kylie Maertens, Ashley Rickey, Leah Roemer, & Paige Swain

26.  Geneseo Foundation Scholarship - Jacob Adamson, Emily Bopes, Reagan Bopes, Carter Bull, Thomas Carlin, Daniel Coleman, Brayden Combs, Lynn Cotty, Mallory Dwyer, Brielle Ettore, April Kelley, Megan McClanahan, Adalai Mills, Jacob Rapps, Ashley Rickey, Leah Roemer, Katlyn Seaman, Tristen Smith, Joshua Steines, Paige Swain, & Taylor VanHoutte

27.  Maice Quayle Memorial Scholarship - Daniel Coleman & Leah Roemer

28.  Millikin Elementary PTA Scholarship - Nathan Dunker & Taylor VanHoutte

29.  Atkinson Women’s Organization Scholarship - Brayden Combs, Easton Hultman, Abigail Frank, & Sarah Hansen

30.  Royce A. Stenzel Memorial Scholarship - Trenton Chamberlain

31.  Livengood-Resser Scholarship - Emma DeBaene & Noah Disterhoft

32.  Farmers National Bank Scholarship - Abigail Frank

33.  GFWC/IL Geneseo Women’s Club Senior Girl Award - Katlyn Seaman

34.  Gracia L. Ague Teacher Scholarship - Madison Ochs

35.  Dr. Bob Daniels Memorial Scholarship - Elizabeth Ramp

36.  Geneseo Chamber of Commerce Scholarship - Gwen Burbridge, Allyson Ford, & Grace Schilling

37.  Rotary STRIVE Scholarship - Garrett Hall, Nolan Femali, & Sophie DeCock

38.  Rotary Club Academic Scholarship - Emma DeBaene, Noah Disterhoft, & Addison Dykstra

39.  G.I.F.T. Foundation Scholarship - Carter Bull 

40.  Mary J. Ward Memorial Scholarship - Taylor VanHoutte

41.  Tom & Laura Domino Scholarship - Kathryn Hogue

42.  Kiwanis Club Scholarship - Gwen Burbridge, Emma DeBaene, & Brielle Ettore

43.  Tony Simon Scholarship - Emma DeBaene

44.  Geneseo MS/HS PTA Scholarship - Carter Bull & Molly Neumann

45.  Atkinson Booster Club Scholarship - Brayden Combs, Mallory Dwyer, Abigail Frank, Alyssa Gentry, Sarah Hansen, & Easton Hultman

46.  Carius Foundation Scholarship - Reagan Bopes & Connor Mitchell

47.  Hahn Family Scholarship - Abigail Frank & Samuel Mosbarger

48.  Julie Fiers Scholarship - Emma DeBaene, Caleb Hartman, Mia Kelly, Suleiman Maiyaki, Connor Mitchell, Samuel Mosbarger, & Carmella Pettit 

49.  Compeer Financial Scholarship - Abigail Frank

50.  Ag Alumni Scholarship - Trenton Chamberlain, Abigail Frank, Kylie Maertens, & Adalai Mills

51.  Ag Alumni/ FFA Scholarship - Abigail Frank & Kylie Maertens

52.  Wilbert & Carol Keppy Scholarship - Abigail Frank & Kylie Maertens

53.  Paul E. Goodwin Memorial Agriculture Scholarship - Trenton Chamberlain

54.  Dean Olson Memorial Scholarship - Abigail Frank & Kylie Maertens

55.  Ted McAvoy Scholarship - Kay McAvoy & Taylor VanHoutte

56.  John F. Edwards Memorial Scholarship - Paige Swain

57.  Josephine Edwards Scholarship - Mia Kelly

58.  3 Rivers FCA Scholar-Athlete Award - Mia Kelly & Carmella Pettit

59.  Seth Ernst Memorial Soccer Slam Scholarship - Gwen Burbridge, Morgan Claerhout, Brayden Combs, Emma DeBaene, Noah Disterhoft, Caiya Holke, Mia Kelly, Giavanna Ritter, Madeline Roberts, & Hayden Spranger

60.  Lanny Rae Minnaert Memorial Scholarship - Kylie Maertens

61.  Gloria and Don Feldman Memorial Scholarship - Trenton Chamberlain

62.  Atkinson American Legion - Brayden Combs & Easton Hultman

63.  Geneseo Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution - Addison Dykstra, Kathryn Hogue, Mia Kelly, & Elizabeth Ramp

64.  RutabagA Fine Arts Scholarship - Kay McAvoy

65.  RutabagA Decnie Jeschke Scholarship - Kathryn Hogue

66.  Caroline “Carrie” Mae Blank Scholarship - Luke Johnsen

67.  JFECC/Visabeira Construction & Engineering Scholarship - Hayden Moore

68.  Daniel L. Thompson Memorial Citizenship Award - Addison Dykstra

69.  Geneseo Community Choir Scholarship - Isabella Haney

70.  H. Keith Follett Memorial Scholarship - Tristen Smith

71.  Walt Henry Public Service Scholarship - Nathan Dunker 

72.  Sid & Carlene Kemmis Scholarship - Kylie Maertens

73.  Glenn & Betty DeSmith Memorial Scholarship - Abigail Frank

GHS honors senior scholarship winnersGHS honors senior scholarship winnersGHS honors senior scholarship winnersGHS honors senior scholarship winnersGHS honors senior scholarship winnersGHS honors senior scholarship winnersGHS honors senior scholarship winnersGHS honors senior scholarship winners