GHS Agriculture Department shares its annual report

Geneseo High School’s Agriculture Department has released its 2023-24 annual report.

The report, which was compiled by Jacqueline Walters-Wetzell, agriculture teacher and FFA advisor at the high school, provides a wide ranging look at the local FFA organization, agriculture courses and facilities at GHS, and various career and leadership development events.

“The scope of our program encompasses students interested in learning more about the agricultural industry and their role within it,” reports Walters-Wetzell. “Our community thrives on agriculture, supporting numerous multi-generational farms and related businesses.”

According to the report, the Agriculture Department enrolls 89 students, all active members of FFA, with a gender distribution of 39% female and 61% male. Projections for 2024-25 anticipate a 30-student surge in agricultural course enrollment. 

“As I reflect on the 2023-24 school year, I am pleased with the success we have achieved,” concludes Walters-Wetzell. “Student enrollment in the classroom is on the rise, and our 'hands-on' opportunities are expanding as we deepen our engagement with the community and our alumni chapter. Regarding the FFA aspect, I am ecstatic about the level of participation we've seen this year. The accomplishments of our students will pave the way for success in their chosen career paths.”

Read the full report now.

GHS Agriculture Department shares its annual report