GHS Announcements 11-30-22

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Ping Pong Club Meeting:

Anyone interested in learning about Ping-Pong Club should attend a short meeting on Friday morning at 7:35 a.m. in Mr. Brucher’s room (room 42).

WIN Mindfulness for Freshmen on Thursday:

Freshmen it is your week for Mindfulness Thursday. You were sent an email with the information, but please note you have the opportunity during WIN to head to Adult Coloring in the gym, Walking and Music in the GFAC, or Mindfulness, Yoga, and Breathing in the Concert Hall. 

Student Parking Stickers:

Student parking stickers will be available for purchase at the end of the school day on Friday from 2:10 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. for Sophomore, Junior, & Senior students.  Please be aware that there are only a few remaining stickers to purchase.


Congratulations Landen Pruett:

Congratulations to Bowler Landen Pruett who bowled a perfect 300 game during the meet on Tuesday against Sterling.

Tabletop Games Club:

There will be Tabletop Games Club on Wednesday after school in Mrs. Davidson’s room, room 10.

Senior Open Campus Lunch:

The next Open Campus Lunch opportunity will be this Friday, December 2nd!

To qualify, you need to have a grade of D+ or higher in all classes and have no unserved discipline. Eligibility will be determined on Thursday, December 1st. Eligibility notices will be distributed on the morning of Open Campus Lunch day, Friday, December 2nd. Students who qualify will have additional time for lunch. If you receive a notice, please be sure to read it for your exact leaving and return times.



Senior guys, if you are interested in participating in this year's Manplette's please fill out the form sent to you in an email last week, or contact representatives Taylor Davis and Laney Dunker for questions. Round up your friends to have a blast performing at one of the January basketball games!

Seth Ernst Memorial Soccer Slam:

This just in from Seth Ernst Memorial Soccer Slam!

For the Love of the Game...get your GHS Teams registered for our Sweet 16!

Dates are February 25 for Men and February 26 for Women.  

Most Creative Team uniforms expected and the Referee Clinic will be

January 16th from 5 to 7 pm.

Visit  Click on "Coaches" at the top!

December Study Hall Release for Juniors and Seniors:

Study Hall release will start on Thursday, December 1st.  Students will receive ineligibility notices on Tuesday, November 29th and Wednesday, November 30th.  In order to be eligible for Junior and Senior Study Hall release you must clear the following obligations: 

- Grades of D+ or higher in all classes

- No 2nd Semester 2022 failed classes

- No unpaid library fines

- No unserved discipline

- Students who have 6th period Study Hall and a 7th period class are not eligible for Study Hall release. 


Silver Cord Volunteer Opportunities:

Southwest Elementary is putting on a Holiday Shop on Saturday, December 3rd and is looking for volunteers.  The shop is where kids are able to shop on their own in the Southwest cafeteria, all items are from .50 - $12 so they are able to buy gifts for the whole family.  You can volunteer as a cashier, personal shopper, or gift wrapper.  Please use the link below to sign up if you are interested.


Here are the main dishes on our lunch lines:

Darnall's Diner

Turkey Gravy with Biscuit

Bacon Cheeseburger

Green Machine Grill



Bacon Cheeseburger

Green and White Deli

Deli Sandwiches


Chef Salads