Students enter GHS

Get to know and help us welcome our new employees as we begin a new school year.

Added September 12:

We are excited to welcome Tyann Hintgen to Southwest Elementary, where she is now teaching third grade. After graduating from Geneseo High School, Mrs. Hintgen attended Bradley University, where she earned her degree in Elementary Education while playing softball on a scholarship. She then spent two years in Rock Island and 10 years in Galesburg teaching third, fourth and fifth grade. Mrs. Hintgen dedicated the last nine years to raising her children and we’re happy to have her back in the classroom. Have a great year, Mrs. Hintgen!

Tyann Hintgen

Added August 24:

We are happy to introduce Elizabeth Hulsbrink, our new English teacher at Geneseo High School. Mrs. Hulsbrink graduated from GHS and went on to earn her bachelor’s degree in English Language Arts with a minor in Vocal Performance from St. Ambrose University. After receiving her ESL endorsement from Texas A&M, she taught high school ELA in Houston, Texas, then returned to Illinois, where she taught courses at Black Hawk College and general music at St. Malachy School in Geneseo. Welcome back to GHS, Mrs. Hulsbrink!

Elizabeth Hulsbrink

Added August 22:

We are pleased to introduce Katie Putnam, our new school psychologist at Northside Elementary. Mrs. Putnam attended Augustana College and went on to receive a graduate degree in school psychology from Minnesota State University Moorhead. This marks her tenth year as a school psychologist, with most of her career spent working in North Dakota. Best wishes for a great year, Mrs. Putnam!

Katie Putnam

Added August 19:

We are excited to welcome Jessica Jansen, our district’s lead nurse and the Geneseo Middle School nurse. Mrs. Jansen, a graduate of GHS, is closing in on her 10th year as a registered nurse. She has earned a pair of bachelor’s degrees, one from Southern Illinois University in healthcare management and another from Chamberlain College of Nursing in nursing, as well as an associate degree in nursing from Blackhawk College. Last year was her first year working as a school nurse and during that time, she completed a master’s program through Lewis University to obtain her Professional Educator License and become a Certified School Nurse. She previously worked in a hospital setting in a variety of areas including neurology, ambulatory surgery, pre- and post-surgical, and gastroenterology surgical services. Have a wonderful year, Mrs. Jansen!

Jessica Jansen

Added August 17:

We are happy to welcome Kayla Schubert, our new early childhood special education teacher at Northside Elementary. Ms. Schubert earned her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with a minor in Inclusion from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. She spent seven years teaching preschool and one year of kindergarten through fourth grade at a Montessori school before starting last year with the Henry-Stark Special Education District in Kewanee at Lyle preschool. Best wishes for a wonderful year, Ms. Schubert!

Kayla Schubert

Added August 15:

We are excited to introduce Maria Gehl, our new second grade teacher at Northside Elementary. A graduate of Geneseo High School and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Ms. Gehl previously taught elementary music in Moline and Garnett, Kansas. After taking some time off for family, she worked as an instructional aide at Southwest and Northside for the past six and a half years. Have a great year, Ms. Gehl!

Maria Gehl

Added August 12:

We are pleased to welcome Margaret Wendell, our new speech teacher at Geneseo High School. Ms. Wendell attended Alleman High School, earned her undergrad degree at the University of Missouri and obtained her master’s degree at St. Ambrose. She has been a speech-language pathologist for the past four years in Wisconsin, working with students ages 3 to 21, and coaching boys’ and girls’ tennis and girls’ basketball. Join us in welcoming Ms. Wendell!

Margaret Wendell

Added August 10:

We’re happy to introduce Jacelyn Mannon, our new kindergarten teacher at Northside Elementary. A graduate of GHS, Mrs. Mannon earned her bachelor’s degree from Western Illinois in liberal arts. After several years of substitute teaching in Geneseo, she decided to pursue a second degree in elementary education from Upper Iowa University. Welcome to Northside, Mrs. Mannon!

Jacelyn Mannon

Added August 8:

We are excited to welcome Sheila Puls, our new life skills teacher at Geneseo High School. Mrs. Puls obtained her bachelor’s degree in special education from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke and her master’s degree in special education from Western Illinois University. She has been teaching for 17 years and we’re happy to have her at GHS!

Sheila Puls

Added August 5:

We are pleased to introduce Samantha Mathew, our new social worker at Millikin Elementary. Mrs. Mathew, who recently obtained her master’s degree in social work from the University of Iowa, has lived in Geneseo with her family for the last ten years. She previously worked in the Quad Cities managing a non-profit’s program that supports children and families. Please join us in welcoming Mrs. Mathew to Millikin!

Samantha Mathew

Added August 3:

We are excited to welcome Korie Morrison, who will be a social worker at Geneseo High School. Originally from Viola, Illinois, Ms. Morrison received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Social Work and master’s degree in Social Work, both from St. Ambrose University. After interning for our school district during the 2021-22 school year, this will be her first job out of college working as a licensed social worker. Please join us in welcoming Ms. Morrison!

Korie Morrison

Added August 1:

We are happy to introduce Renee Lock, who is our new agriculture education teacher at Geneseo High School. Ms. Lock grew up on a grain and livestock farm in Avon, Illinois, and in May, she graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana – Champaign with a degree in Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications with a concentration in Education. She says that agriculture has always been a passion of hers and she enjoys helping on the family farm with the cattle and crops in her free time. Welcome, Ms. Lock!

Renee Lock

Added July 29:

Please join us in welcoming Katy Taylor to Geneseo High School, where she will be working as a counselor. Mrs. Taylor attended Eastern Illinois University, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a master’s degree in School Counseling. She spent the last seven years working as an elementary school counselor and says she’s excited to make the change and work at our high school. Welcome, Mrs. Taylor!

Katy Taylor

Added July 27:

We are excited to welcome Brianna Bivens, who will be teaching science at Geneseo High School. A graduate of Colorado State University, Mrs. Bivens was a science teacher in Colorado for the last five years. She moved to Illinois this summer and we’re happy to have her at GHS.

Brianna Bivens

Added July 25:

We are happy to introduce Audrey Scheider, who will be teaching special education at Geneseo Middle School, cross categorical, in grades six, seven and eight. Mrs. Scheider earned a bachelor’s degree of Musical Arts in Music Education from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and is currently working toward her master’s degree in Special Education from Grand Canyon University. She worked as a paraprofessional at GMS last year and had been a substitute teacher in the district for the past five years. Please join us in welcoming Mrs. Scheider to the middle school!

Audrey Scheider

Added July 22:

We are happy to introduce Christy Herlyn, our new sixth grade English Language Arts teacher at Geneseo Middle School. Mrs. Herlyn obtained an associate degree from Southeastern Illinois College and a bachelor’s degree from Western Illinois University. After working as an accountant and auditor for several years, she began substitute teaching at Riverdale School District and in the last two years, took classes at the American College of Education to earn her certificate in secondary education. Please join us in welcoming Mrs. Herlyn to GMS!

Christy Herlyn

Added July 20:

Please join us in welcoming Javier Reyes, who will be teaching sixth grade Spanish at Geneseo Middle School. A native of Madrid, Spain, Mr. Reyes obtained his teaching degree in Alcala de Henares, a famous city with one of the oldest universities in Europe, and last year he finished his master’s in Educational Leadership. His experience includes working with the Illinois State Board of Education and Rural Schools Collaborative to help design and write the Spanish Language Arts Standards for the state. In 2017, he began teaching in Monmouth and has lived in Geneseo since 2020. Welcome to the district, Mr. Reyes!

Javier Reyes

Added July 18:

We’re happy to introduce Megan VerStraete as our new life skills teacher at Geneseo High School. Mrs. VerStraete earned a bachelor’s degree in Elementary and Special Education at Lewis University and a master’s degree in Special Education at Western Illinois University, and she has taught special education for 12 years. Please join us in welcoming Mrs. VerStraete back to her hometown!

Megan VerStraete

Added July 14:

We are excited to welcome Kinze Dillbeck to our district. Ms. Dillbeck, originally from Oneida, Illinois, will join our staff at Millikin Elementary and teach third grade. She attended ROWVA High School and earned her college degree from Western Illinois University – Quad Cities. Please join us in welcoming Ms. Dillbeck to Geneseo!

Kinze Dillbeck

Added July 12:

We are happy to introduce Jacque Kelly, who returns to her hometown to teach fourth grade at Southwest Elementary School. Mrs. Kelly, who has a bachelor’s degree from Bradley University and a master’s degree from Olivet Nazarene University, taught in the Rock Island-Milan School District for six years. Please join us in welcoming Mrs. Kelly home!

Jacque Kelly

Added July 8:

We are excited to welcome Trent Teske, the new music teacher at Northside Elementary. Mr. Teske will be teaching pre-K through fifth grade, as well as fourth and fifth grade choir. Originally from New Providence, Iowa, he obtained his Bachelor of Music Education at Wartburg College and a Master of Arts in Music Education at the University of Iowa. He previously taught middle school and high school vocal music in Forest City, Emmetsburg and Iowa City. Welcome, Mr. Teske!

Trent Teske

Added July 5:

First up is Melanie Graff, who will be teaching third grade at Northside Elementary. Ms. Graff grew up in Rock Island, where she began her teaching career, and spent the last two years teaching in northeast Atlanta. Please join us in welcoming Ms. Graff!

Melanie Graff