November 16:

7th grade students that normally have 4th hour study hall in room 610, will meet in room 702 for study hall this week.  8th grade students that normally have 5th hour study hall in room 610, will meet in room 816 for study hall both Tuesday and Wednesday.

Congrats to the 7th grade November students of the month. Your teachers appreciate the positive and respectful attitudes that you bring to school everyday. Thank you for being a role model for your peers. House 7-1 students are Andrew Feely and Katherine Barickman. House 7-2 students are Bryce Diehl and Ella Shannon. 

Hey Hoops Fans. Here's your update from last night's games. The Wilson Wildcats came to town to take on our Leafs. However, the Wilson 7th grade team should have been nicknamed the Wilson House Kittens instead of the Wildcats. The score was 9-8 at halftime but our 7's clawed into them in the second half and came away with a 34 to 15 victory. The 8th grade team from Wilson must be fed something different than the 7th grade house kittens. The 8th grade Wildcats were making 3's at wildly high clip, and some from the volleyball spiking line. Tomorrow the A's travel to John Deere and our B's host Rivermont with the first game at 4:30. Good luck fellas.